Attraction 2: Invasion 2020 Film Review



With the Attraction effect storm, the Russians celebrated success not only in their own country.

Thanks to surprisingly strong special effects, the work was able to find its fans worldwide.

It is therefore not surprising that a sequel was followed, With Attraction 2: Invasion, not only director Fedor Bondarchuk returned but also some of his main actors from the first part.

In terms of content, the sequel easily follows the debut and tells, especially about Julia’s life, which at that time was the only one that had direct contact with the extraterrestrials and now has special skills.

Their father, Colonel Lebedev and the Russian government are testing them to better understand alien technology.

However, Julia’s abilities can not only provide security, but they can also pose a great danger because a new threat from space is aimed precisely at her.

 Irina Starschenbaum can be seen again, as Julia Oleg Menshikov also returned as her father Alexander Petrov as her ex-boyfriend and Renal Muchametow back in their roles as an alien.


Attraction 2: Invasion reveals the same strengths as its predecessor, but also wrestles with the same weaknesses because as successful as the effects may be, the dramaturgy is disappointing.

Extended to over two hours, the holy logic, the uninteresting storylines, the irrelevant characters, and the director FedorBondarchuk overwhelmed to tell a story rousing for a lot of sags.

Even if the recurring action scenes are always well captured, they often pass the viewer without a trace, because the acting characters are completely irrelevant.

Especially with Irina Starschenbaums Julia finds it incredibly difficult to empathize because she is drawn far too unappealing.

The actress makes a noticeable effort to fill the protagonist with life, but she still does not succeed in being emotionally picked up.

The other actors are struggling with similar problems or are simply noticeably overwhelmed with the under-demanding characters.

Even Oleg Menschikow, who has actually proven his talentseveral times in the past, is difficult to look at in Attraction 2, because hissuperficial presentation, which is showered with pathos, is constantlyscratching the nerves Admittedly, the actors also have to deal with terribledialogues.

Visually you can see Attraction 2 but rarely accuse anything, Again and again, beautiful single shots are presented and the effects are convincing again and again across the board.

For the action, you make good use of well-known genre representatives such as Independence Day or The Day After Tomorrow, but it is always nice to look at if there were at least an emotional connection to themain characters, they could also hide the numerous dramatic weaknesses.

However, since this is not the case, the complex specialeffects remain largely unimpressive.


Director Fedor Bondarchuk shows once again that he is not agood storyteller.

Despite proper effects and action scenes, Attraction 2: Invasion remains uninteresting and tough.
Weak actors, lousy dialogues and a wooden dramaturgyultimately let the work collapse completely.
However, if you liked the firstling, you will definitely be entertained when continuing.

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