Folding Handset Huawei Mate Xs First Impressions


Flip open Huawei Mate Xs phone with an 8-inch screen

As expected, Huawei has launched its commitment to the new category of folding cell phones. Folding Handset Huawei Mate Xs First Impressions.

It comes a year after its announcement, but it does not stop surprising.

Although the concept is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, that is, offering a larger screen in a pocket device, it is a very different proposal to all the folding ones launched so far.

Mate Xs is an improved version of the Mate X We have had it in our hands and we have been surprised by how different it is (and this leads us to new uses and sensations).

A unique design

The Mate Xsdoubles, yes, but not as a book, but the top cover opens to the right and not to the left like books.

In order to do this, you must first hit a button on the right side (you will recognize it because it has a red streak in the middle).

That already confuses and you do not know where to open it when you first have it in your hands.

This designis called a hawk wing It is so novel that one does not know how to open and close it at first.

Once deployed, all the splendor of the 8-inch screen appears, (7.3 the Fold).

It shows very vivid colors, which look quality. On the back, it is finished in a matte material: but it continues to attract traces, although less intensely Of course, when it comes to removing those spots from the fingers, it costs more than if they are marked on the screen.

One of the improvements to Huawei’s first folding is the hinge It is now much more durable, the company explained.

Opening and closing the device requires some force it shows robust, despite its thin thickness Like the Huawei Nova 5T, the Huawei flip is unlocked with a physical sensor located on the side, which is also the power button.

Closed, it offers two independent screens: the main 6.6-inch and a secondary 6.38-inch, which is also very rare, because we are not used to it.

When you have an app open on the home screen and you fully open the device, that app automatically opens on the 8-inch screen.

Quad camera

Mate Xs shoots with four cameras (40-megapixel wide-angle lens, telephoto, 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, and ToF) with Leica technology.

With this device, you will take pictures with the main screen in the same way as with any other mobile, and with the 8-inch screen as if it were a tablet.

And the secondary screen makes it possible to take a selfie with the main camera. And this same secondary screen allows you to see yourself on that screen when someone is taking a photo of you (that is, you can look at yourself on that secondary screen as if it were a mirror and put your best face on the photo).

A 5G with the latest processor

This updated Mate Xs will arrive with the Kirin 990 5G SoC processor, which has anintegrated 5G modem, so it can be used on 5G networks.

Failing toanalyze it, with these characteristics it should operate as expected on a phonethat will be worth 2,499 Euros.

Morefeatures you can expect for that price? A large capacity 4,500 mAh battery and55W fast charge (just plug it in for 30 minutes, you get 85 percent autonomy).

The device goes on sale worldwide. In Spain, it will be marketed in the third week of March.
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