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Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there is no powerful lobby able to squeeze profits by looting the public interest we are following the results of a detailed forensic audit by a high-level commission that will come out on the 25th of April.

According to details, Prime Minister said in his recent tweet on Twitter that before any action is taken I am waiting for detailed forensic audit results from a high-level commission.

Imran further said that the results would be compiled by April 25, after the results came out, no powerful group or lobby would be able to collect profits of the public.

He said the sudden increase in the prices of wheat and sugar has been done as promised by a preliminary investigation.

In his tweet, the Prime Minister added that my vision is rare in past history.

Before any action, I just wait and look forward to detailed forensic audit results from the High Commission, which will be compiled on 25 April.

When results are revealed, no one will be free rather he belongs to any powerful group or lobby, Insha’Allah.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Prime Minister said that we just take coronavirus as a challenge to stop and not to spread as well as to help of the poor.

The Prime Minister had further said that we will carry out complete lockdown, wherever the Coronavirus spreads, The Tiger Force's main aims are to deliver food to people's in homes during the full lockdown.

FIA Detail Report on Sugar and Wheat Crisis Download PDF

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