DC Comics and Warner have not an easy time being accepted by the masses and especially by the critics.

The DCEU failed for the time being and so the decision made on the top floor to break new ground and to give comic heroes individual adventures without opening up the really big guns.
Does the joker take the right path?

Critic reviews

While an R-rating avoided for a long time as an economic risk, but “Dead pool” and “Logan” prove the opposite, ‘Warner’ and ‘DC’ have to thank the competition Because without these films.

you would never have dared to shoot a hard joker, which will only do justice to this fascinating and completely crazy character.

Because one thing is completely clear from the first-second Joker breaks with all other comic book adaptations and presents itself almost as an art-house movie in superhero garb.

Anyone expecting an action firework display here will bitterly disappoint.

Director Todd Phillips, who has previously made comedies such as “Hangover” or “Road Trip“, focuses entirely on Batman’s greatest adversary and takes paths that were not to be expected in advance.

The fact that the film awarded Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival caus stir.

A cartoon adaptation that competes against other demanding works in Venice? And then also took first place and thus emerged as the winner? By now at the latest everyone should be clear about what kind of film the Joker is.

Venice Film Festival

Even the first shot gives an idea of ​​which direction is taken here. And after another short scene, the joker speaks.

He tells of his condition – and that in a very calm,thoughtful tone, the camera hardly moves at all. And precisely this basic tenorwill not change in the next 120 minutes.

Todd Phillips takes his foot off the accelerator and draws a character study on the screen in the main character is brought closer to the viewer and the motives can even be understood, even if one does not necessarily have to approve the development together with the cruel deeds.

As an observer, you still feel certain empathy, which unfortunately has been lost to most of the characters in Gotham.

And yet it is only a reflection of the society that seems to be omnipresent even today.
We live in a world of selfishness and it is good when a film stimulates thought and addresses these things subliminally.
Only the glorification of the joker comes a little bit suddenly because the film focuses so much on its main character,
Of course, a drama only works if the characters get enough background and you get to know the background.
It is clear that the joker needs to be demystified a bit, details of the template are to be added, and there is a new interpretation approach But all these things are not disturbing, on the contrary: they make the event more tangible.

Joker comparison with other Movies

Christopher Nolan did a similar feat, but in a different form and with a completely different type of film. The two works “The Dark Knight” and Joker differ completely; even the representation of the Joker is a completely new approach.

Joaquin Phoenix gives the antagonist exactly the depth and emotions that are necessary – and even more during Jared Leto’s Joker in “Suicide Squad“.

looked more like a crazy drug dealer imitating the Joker, Phoenix has the feeling that this time you see the real Joker.

its illuminated background story never disturbs; it is even very exciting because you do not know yourself what the film is ultimately aiming for and which paths the story will take.

Todd Phillips plays with the expectations of the audience,sprinkles in a mini-twist here and there and creates extremely entertaining twohours in which the mood conveyed by the film constantly depresses the mind.

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The oppressive atmosphere, as well as the realistic development, provides the last punch in the stomach when it becomes more explicit and the joker is allowed to show his true face But here the film remains reserved.

Yes, the camera is on it and yes, a handful of scenes are pretty brutal but with one exception, this never happens for its own sake and to a very small extent.

Nevertheless, the shock is always deep and creates a silencein the cinema, where you can even hear the neighbors breathing.


It is interesting to see what results from the cinemas achieve with all the skepticism that prevailed in the run-up.

It deserves the utmost respect that Joker produced in this form Where the path of ‘DC’ and ‘Warner’ will go next is especially in the stars after the colorful trailer for “Birds of Prey“.

One thing is sure Joker will disappoint some fans – namely those who will run into the film with different, almost false expectations, but then get an art-house drama with great camera work in front of them maybe even overwhelming.

However, we can only hope that future projects on the Jokerorient and thereby stand out from the uniform porridge.

We all deserve the audience, studios and the cartoon characters just waiting to be presented appropriately on the big screen.

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