Make Online $100 to $200 per Day with Google Maps


One hundred dollars a day with Google Maps, no experience required you can start from today.

We are going through this article on how to make 100 to200 dollars a day using Google Maps so you can fire your boss and make start money online.

Make Online $100 to $200 per Day with Google Maps Read every word of this article and if you do, you’ll learn how to make one hundred to two hundred dollars a day by the end of this article, using maps and exactly how to make a full-time income without leaving your home.

How to make sure you have a consistent daily income coming in there’s an old hidden secret that Google doesn’t want you to know about, this is a loophole in the map system.

The map locations you find provide data to outside sources that are ready to send you money through the internet.

Now some locations have an empty result but 90% of the time you’ll get a hit and walk away with a nice deposit directly into your bank account.

it’s an old trick that works today and you’ll receive step-by-step instructions right on this article so all you have to do now is imagine what you will do with all freedom and the extra time from using this method your life and circumstances are about to change.


the very first step is to make sure that you have a PayPal account since this will be how you’re going to start to receive your money now you could receive your money with a check but I don’t know if it was me I like PayPal money it’s faster I can access it very quickly so make sure you have a PayPal account before you proceed.

The next step is to go over to Google Maps and what you want to do is browse to your current location this is going to be the most profitable area on the map I highly recommend that you install Google Chrome since we’re going to be installing a Chrome extension.

The next step is to open Google and type in the chrome web store and you should find this right here.
now what we’re going to do up where it says search extensions go ahead and type in Face book pixel helper and it’s going to be the top result right here Face book pixel helper now you don’t have to use Facebook.

When using this method what we’re going to do is install this Chrome extension that’s going to help us spy on different web pages without the owners even knowing about it so you can almost look at it like you're a secret agent going out there and looking at information on web pages without the public even knowing it.

So the next step is to make sure that you come over here and clicks on the install button to install that extension into the Chrome browser.

After you’ve done this go right back over to Google Maps and find your local city this is going to increase your chances of making this whole thing much more profitable.

Now what we’re going to be searching for local businesses but not just any local business but very specific local businesses that are willing to pay you large amounts of money every single month.
Now those businesses I’ve already written down here for you so here is a list we have dentist’s accountants or CPA or tax preparation have auto repair shops we have a plumber and we also have a chiropractor.

so pick out which one that you want to use now I’m going to choose dentist so here’s what you want to do go to your local city wherever you are and type in whatever feel that it is so, in this case, I’m going to be using dentist and I will put d Oregon so I’m putting dentist in my city and the state and as soon as you have that go ahead and press enter to open.

Now it’s very important to look at this and to realize that every single red marker on this map is a high-income potential we have a huge opportunity here to earn several thousands of dollars every single month and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it?.

I’m going to walk you through everything so first we must pick a business so we’ve got several dentists here in the area so all we have to do is first just pick one so what I’m going to do this one right here Laurelwood dental I’m going to go ahead and click on that.

now, as soon as you click on a business you will see that information appear over here on the left side now usually for most of these businesses they have websites so down here in the information you should see a little globe icon and then right next to that you should find the website of this business.

Facebook Pixel Helper


now what you want to do if you’ve installed the Chrome extension for the Face book pixel helper if you’ve already done that then you're ready for this step so go ahead and click on that website.

its bring you directly over to the website of the business so we can look around here but here’s the most important thing we want to see if this business is currently driving traffic from Facebook using Facebook Ads and the way to detect and to know that is to use the Facebook pixel helper which is currently installed on my browser.

now that’s right over here I have that installed so I will go ahead and click on that now if I click on that extension it tells me that there are no pixels found on this website so that means currently this company is not driving traffic from Facebook and they’re not utilizing FacebookAds.

now if they were using Facebook Ads to drive traffic it might look something like this here is another company in Portland for dentistry and if I look up here on the Chrome extension now it says that there has been one pixel found on this page so if this is the case it looks like they already have someone managing their advertising so then we will simply just go ahead and pass on this business.

but here is the next step that you guys can do now let's back to Google Maps now surely this company here does not have a Facebook pixel on their page so now all you have to do now is go through the different businesses and make a list of all the companies in your local area that do not have Facebook pixels because this is an opportunity for you to approach that business and let them know that you can manage their Facebook advertising for a small fee every single month.

you can tell them whatever price that you want and you can say it’s completely hands-off they don’t have to do anything you can handle everything for them they can go on about their business and all you’re going to do for them is to double and quadruple the traffic to their website so they can get more business.

so that’s what it’s all about now I know what some of you might be thinking well I don’t know how to manage Facebook Ads I mean I don’t even think I know how to manage Facebook Ads here’s something that you can do go right over to Fiverr this is over at and you can hire someone on Fiverr to manage the ads for you for a very small cost.

For example, you find someone has a gig starting at $25 you can hire at Fiverr to manage your ads and if you’re charging $200 a month for whatever business that you’ve selected well that’s a $175 profit or if you’re just getting started and you want to get your feet in, you can charge the company a $125 and take away a hundred dollars profit.


Now to reach out to these local businesses there are a few ways that you can do it you can go over to their company website you can call the phone number on their website.

now I understand that some of you may not be comfortable doing that and that’s okay you can scroll down to the very bottom the footer of the business website and you can click on the contact button you can email them and let them know you’re someone local that’s willing to help and they love working with local people or you can go ahead and check out their Facebook account go over to their Facebook account and you can approach them.

you’re a real person that Facebook is a pretty trustworthy website and you can go ahead and click right here and send them a message and reach out to them so it’s very simple it’s very straightforward anybody can do this but you don’t want to just stop at one business go back over to the maps and look at all the different local businesses in your area and write this list down of some of the most profitable local services that you can approach like the dentist, accounting, auto repair, plumber even a chiropractor they would be willing to pay every single month a small fee for having you manage their Facebook manager account.

now when it comes time to receive your payment from the client you can tell them that you will gladly accept a PayPal payment or a check or maybe you can go down to local business and collect the funds that way of course if you don’t want to meet them face-to-face you can simply just have them send the money over the internet any way that you see fit.


now I understand a lot of you are going to be a littlebit nervous doing this because you have to work with people you’re going tohave to maybe use Facebook a little bit I know some of you like Fiverr some ofyou don’t like Fiverr you’ve had mixed experiences with Fiverr.

I totally get itand you know what this really reminds me when I was struggling and I was tryingto find out different ways to make money online and I didn’t want to useFacebook I wasn’t comfortable with that I didn’t want to have to meet peopleface to face I didn’t want to have to get on the phone and talk to people Ididn’t want to have to go in drive downtown in busy traffic or do anything likethat I wanted to create a full-time passive income that would allow me to make money while I sleep and do it all while staying at home and not having to talkto anybody and I’ve learned how to do that as a matter of fact I plugged inafter months after weeks and months of struggling.

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