Best 5 movies about virus outbreak


As the start of this year, people were quietly celebrating the New Year, then a mysterious virus spread in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, and that virus began to infect large numbers of people very quickly.
In just a few days, the mysterious the virus spread through the entire city of Wuhan, due to that the Chinese government put lockdown in the entire city; No one could enter or leave the city and The death toll from the mysterious virus count 56 in China by January 25 and 80 by January 27, till then thousands of people had been infected with the deadly virus.
Chinese officials and health experts we're constantly trying to find out that where the deadly virus came from after that they revealed that it had been transmitted from animals to humans, after that scientists deeply examined the virus that was taken from a patient's, they come to point that the virus directly came from bats.
And It’s also revealed that the deadly the virus was transmitted to other animals through bats, and those animals have direct contact with humans. After these updates, Chinese government sealed the Wuhan's city famous bazaar for the sale of animals, including frogs, snakes, scorpions, rats, squirrels, foxes, turtles, crocodiles, dogs, donkeys, bears and all kinds of other meats.
Now this deadly coronavirus, Named COVID-19 has spread all over the world So far, till now almost 296,000 peoples died and about 4,398,314 are affected worldwide, also there is no vaccine discovered so far. This virus is transmitted from one person to another person through a handshake. Therefore, an infected person just kept away from peoples in isolation which called quarantine with that steps virus can not spread to others. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Coronavirus a global epidemic.
Surprisingly, many films have been made in Hollywood on viruses like the coronavirus and the deadly effects of them, of which the scenes shown in the film Contagion are so similar to the coronavirus that the mind is stunned.


The story of the Hollywood film Contagion, released in 2011, bears a striking resemblance to the coronavirus and the resulting emergency and alarming situation around the world. Although the film Contagion was released 9 years ago today, the circumstances and events depicted in the film make the mind wander and the human intellect is forced to think whether it is really possible that what was shown in the film 9 years ago is the same today. Should the same situation arise? Or was the situation today as predicted by the film Contingent 9 years ago? A lot of questions come to mind after watching this movie.
The film Contagion had a budget of 60 million and it collects 136.5 million from the box office. 

12 Monkeys

Not just Contagion, there are other movies in Hollywood that are totally based on a deadly virus or a global epidemic.
The science fiction film 12 Monkeys, released in 1995, it’s also an epidemic-themed film. This film is about a year 2035; the story of the film revolves around a deadly virus and many people have lost their lives due to the virus and those who safe, are forced to take refuge underground to survive.
Through time travel, in this film scientists try to find out how the virus spreads?
The film budget was only 29.5 million and the film earns 168.8 million from the box office.

Break Out

Another film released in 1995, it’s a medical disaster film. The film shows that a virus called Motaba, like the Ebola virus, spread in Africa in 1967.
U.S. military team conducts research in Africa, they found that the virus killed many people but two U.S. Army officers, Donald McClintock and Billy Ford, try to keep the virus secret.
The film had a budget of 50 million and it’s earning 189.8 million from the box office.

World War Z

Hollywood made many movies on the subject of zombies. These zombies are actually a type of virus that transmits in humans and turns them into animals and the virus spreads very quickly.
Hollywood film World War-Z is also based on the zombie virus and its main and scary part that the virus spreads with eye contact.

I Am Legend

The story of this 2007 film also about a dangerous virus, the film shows that 90% of the world's population just wiped out due to the spread of the virus and other 9.8% peoples become zombies, and there is only one man left in the world whose name was Dr. Robert. 
Due to the threat of the virus, Dr. Robert is the only survivor, he quarantines himself so he does not come in contact with infected people with the virus. At the same time, he was busy finding a cure for the virus. 
The film's total budget was 150 million and it’s earning about 585.3 million.

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