Terrorists Attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange


4 terrorists in a white car entered the premises of Pakistan Stock Exchange

At least five people have been killed in a terrorist attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange building while all the terrorists have been killed by security forces.

According to News, today morning 4 terrorists entered the premises of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in a white car and suddenly started firing, and that time building's security guards and law enforcement officers tried to stop them, but the terrorists opened fire and threw grenades.

After some firing exchange all the terrorists were killed and during exchange firing our several security guards were injured and killed by the terrorist.

According to civil hospital officials, there are total of 9 bodies and 8 injured have been shifted in Hospital, in that there are 4 security guards and a sub-inspector of Sind Police and four terrorists’ bodies just brought to the Civil Hospital.

The terrorist’s age is between 22 to 28 years all were T-shirts, jeans and trousers. Their pockets were also empty.

Police sources said from the spot there are two to three suspects who were arrested by the police.

Just Remember the stock exchange building has 2 main gates, the first gate is connected to II Chandriagar Road and SBP, and the first gate is allowed to enter only special vehicles after passing through the barrier, the second gate is connected to Pakistan Railway Cargo, Just some Ordinary peoples are allowed to enter through the railway cargo gate.

Pakistan Stock Exchange has its own private security system, walk-through gates and checks are done at the entrances, usually, armored vehicles patrol the premises of the stock exchange regularly, 5 armed security personnel are deployed at the premises, 2 main gates. A total of 20 security personnel are on duty at the stock exchange.

the right side of the entrance there are the management offices, like CEO and board of directors, and the left side the offices of the brokers, directors and the trading hall, at the ground floor there are different banks offices, after some corona positive cases at exchange there is a limited staff of stock exchanges and banks were coming, mostly offices and banks are closed.

Federal Interior Minister Ejaz Shah has said that investigation into the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange has started and we will soon reach its Mastermind.

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