Easy Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes


Homemade Dog Food is good, your dog is not just a pet, he is a member of your family, and for this reason, and his nutritional needs are a high priority.

If you have a child who is a fussy eater, you will be worried, and the same will apply for a dog. One way to encourage a dog to eat well is to introduce homemade dog food into his diet.

These days, you never know what you are feeding your dog when you open a can of processed dog food, and for this reason too, homemade dog food a better option. When you decide to switch over to homemade dog food, firstly you will need to study your dog’s nutritional requirements and tailor their food accordingly.

If you search online, you will find just how many calories your breed and age of the dog will need each day as well as excellent homemade dog food recipes that will allow you to give just the right amounts.

Homemade dog food does not just mean allowing your dog to eat from your plate or to eat the leftovers from dinner; a dog, like an adult or child, needs a correctly balanced diet.

Homemade dog food will not only help you to incorporate all the vital nutrients into your dog’s diet, it will allow you to really understand what your dog eats and what his dietary requirements are.

A fussy eater will nearly always prefer something that you have made by hand, and therefore as long as you have the time to prepare all the meals for both your family and your pets, then you can combine two problems with one great solution.

A fussy eater is always a worry in the family, whether it is one of your children or one of your dogs. 

As a parent, you will worry that your pet is not receiving all the necessary nutrition, and by incorporating homemade dog food in their diet, you can keep track of just how much they eat and what nutrients they are taking in.

Finicky Dog

Are you having trouble with a finicky dog? Many people claim that they have a picky dog and they are having problems getting their pet to eat his normal foods. What many owners do not realize is that they are a big part of the problem.

Dog are not by nature picky eaters. They will eat almost anything. If your finicky dog is turning his nose up at his regular food, you are going to have to employ a number of strategies to get him back on track.

Stop giving him table scraps. Dogs will be at the table if they are allowed. If you cannot resist those pleading soft eyes, move the dog to another room while you are eating. Do not give in to temptation, be firm.

No between-meal snacks; this will increase his appetite come dinner. If you are training your pet, you may have to use an alternative reward.

Use a toy or simply pet the dog and offer lots of praise. You may even give him a kibble or two, but it must be his normal food and not any kind of threat.

Help the dog to work up an appetite. A finicky dog is frequently a lazy dog. Take your pet for an extra-long walk or engage in a vigorous round of play right before his dinner.

Dogs do not require variety in their diet. They need a well-balanced diet, not one that has a lot of different flavors.

Reduce the amount of food that you are giving the dog. Additionally, after about twenty minutes you have to remove any food that has not been eaten. You want the dog to realize that mealtime is the time to eat.

If he does not eat when the food is set down, he will have to wait until his next meal before he gets anything.

Feed the dog at a regular time. Try to be very precise with feeding time. Dogs may not be able to read a clock, but their stomach will know when it’s time to be fed.

A finicky dog is usually the result of a caring owner. The owner is trying to do the best for their friend, but what they are actually doing is creating a problem.

If you have a finicky dog, you will have to be strict and consistent for at least a week, if not longer, if you want to get your pal back to eating his normal food.

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