petroleum products prices increased in pakistan


Petroleum products Prices once again increased by 4 to 5 rupees per liter.

The Finance Ministry again approved an increase in the petroleum products prices by Rs 4 to 5 per liter.

According to News, the government just dropped a petrol bomb on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, Ministry of Finance has also issued a formal notification for approving the increase petroleum prices and this time it was increased from Rs4 to Rs5 per liter.

After a recent increase, the new price of petrol is Rs 103.97 per liter, high-speed diesel price is Rs 106.46 per liter, kerosene will be sold at Rs 65.29 while the price of light diesel oil 62.21 per liter. The new prices will take effect tonight at 12 AM.

Government of Pakistan increases price of petrol by Rs 3.86 to Rs 103.97.

Breakdown of the petrol price

Base price increased from Rs 45.86 to Rs 52.43 per liter, up 14% - Taxation decreased from Rs 44.55 to Rs 41.81, down by 6.15% PDL decreased from Rs 30 to 26.70

petroleum price increased press release


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