Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Introduce Non-Binary and Transgender Characters


The first "Star Trek" franchise featuring non-binary and transgender characters. It was announced by CBS All Access on Wednesday 02 September 2020 that "Star Trek: Discovery" will add the roles of Adira and Gray.

Adira is a smart and confident non-binary character who joins USS Discovery. This character is played by Blu del Barrio who has acted in theater and short films since the age of 7.

Non-binary itself is a gender variety where a person feels that he does not have a tendency to be male or female. So that they can admit that they are neither male nor female. And they can also consider themselves to have two sexes at once.

Meanwhile, Gray is a warm and passionate transgender character who wants to fulfill his dream of hosting Trill. The character Gray will be played by Ian Alexander.

Reporting from us today, the two new characters will be played by actors with the same gender identity as their characters.

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