Diesel Only The Brave Perfume Review


Only the Brave is a perfume launched by the Italian company Diesel in the year 2009. The perfume is a product released into the market from the founder Renzo Rosso’s Only the Brave Foundation.

The clenched finger bottle design is stunning and gains total admiration from the people whose eyes catch the bottle.

This is a fragrance that can be spread on all seasons irrespective of the time. The uniqueness of this perfume is that it carries an air of pride and strength along with it which spreads on to the others.

Diesel Only The Brave Design

The rectangular box that bears the product name gives you an acquaintance with what it contains inside it. The Diesel Only The Brave perfume is simple yet strong and dominant yet self-composed.

It is not just about the scent or the fragrance that the perfume delivers to its user, but it the strong feeling of boldness and confidence that helps us look at our lives in a new dimension. This eau de toilette bottle takes the closed fingers with a silvery grey cap as its design.

This design as said earlier is a token of recognition of the founder Renzo Rosso and has the name Diesel printed on the closed fingers. The design of this perfume bottle is thus a symbol of confidence and dominance.


Diesel Only The Brave Size

Diesel Only the Brave is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 70 ml. The product’s ad is a great one, particularly the lines, “Who is going to tell me when to stop? Which way should I go? Who is right or wrong? Who is going to judge me?” and the answer to all these questions is a simple “Me, only the brave”. It is truly an innovative ad that creates a good impression on the people.

Diesel Only the Brave

The Only The Brave fragrance is a blend of different vibrant flavors that makes us smell good. This woody oriental scent is brought about by the strong top notes of lemon and mandarin while the heart notes are of Cedar and violet.

The base notes contain the aroma of the amber and leather. The woody oriental scent leaves behind an impression that impresses not only those who wear it but all those who cross by.

The scent is mild, pleasant and after some time of wearing this perfume, you might catch a glimpse of the light vanilla smell due to the oriental scent.

This might not be extremely hedonistic or excite the senses, but it is the strength and the warmness it delivers that makes it enticing. Its subtleness brings a strength that is utterly amazing. Men can walk with pride that they carry the fragrance of a perfume that will keep them fresh and simple at any time round the year.

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