Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu, Hindi, English Season 2 Episode 53


In The 13th century, the world was looking for its new power. And Anatolia was a land where imperials fought. The Crusaders and Mongols wanted to be partners in these lands, which the Turks entered in 1071. The Mediterranean, Black Sea, Balkans, Caucasus and Mesopotamia was looking for their new owner. In this place of fire, Ertuğrul, the hero of our story, was looking for a dormitory for 400 tent oars. Kayılar, who had been out of place and home for years, wanted a dormitory from Ertuğrul that would put an end to their pain, suffering, and travels. By making the sky a tent and the ground a bed, Ertuğrul aspired to a difficult struggle. The Knights Templar and the savage Mongols were his worst enemies. Ertuğrul, in an age where hopes were exhausted, endured many difficulties, thanks to his determination and patience; he defeated his enemies and gave a home to the Kayı tribe. The most glorious state of the world, the Ottoman Empire, which will rule over three continents for six centuries, was established in this country. The secret of this magnificent state was hidden in the story of our hero Ertuğrul. This secret that Ertuğrul received from Ibn-i Arabi carried him to his dreams step by step. Ertuğrul gave a new civilization to the world while going to his dreams. The state he laid the foundations for changed the fate of the world. We will witness the epic story of the man who changed the destiny of the world, his unyielding character, his enchanting love, and his sense of justice enough for all humanity. Resurrection "Ertuğrul" is also today's story.

Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 53 Urdu

Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 53 With 

English Subtitle

Ertuğrul Drama Cast

Engin Altan Düzyatan - Ertuğrul

Kaan Tasaner - Gundogdu

Hülya Darcan - Hayme Ana

Serdar Gokhan - Suleyman Shah

Esra Bilgiç - Halime

Didem Balçın - Selcan

Hande Subaşı - Aykız

Burcu Kıratlı - Gokce

Hakan Vanli - Kurdoglu

Levent Öktem - Üstad-ı Azam

Serdar Deniz - Titus

Turgut Tunçalp - Afsin Bey

Mehmet Cevik - Deli Demir

Cengiz Coşkun - Turgut Alp

Cavit Cetin Guner - Dogan Bey

Nurettin Sonmez - Bamsı Beyrek

Osman Soykut - Ibn-i Arabi

Fahri Öztezcan - İlyas Fakih

Gökhan Atalay - Şahabettin

Can Kahraman - Black Toygar

Hamit Demir - Akcakoca

Mehmet Emin İnci - El Aziz

Sedat Savtak - Numan

Tolgay Sala - Hamza Alp

Ozlem Aydin - Elenora

Arda Anarat - Dundar

Burak Temiz.

Gokhan Karacik - Dervish

Jalal Al - Rahman

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