russia produces first batch of covid vaccine for animals


the first country in the world to vaccinate animals against, Russia has developed the world's first animal corona vaccine package

As the only solution to the corona vaccine, most countries in the world are actively implementing the corona vaccine vaccination program for their people

Russia announced earlier this month that it had developed the world's first corona vaccine for animals. The vaccine, dubbed Carnivac-Cov, was reported last March.

The Veterinary Medicine Commission said the vaccine tested on animals, including dogs, cats, and foxes, and that the vaccine was safe and gave the animals high immunity, that is, antibodies.

In this regard, Russia has developed the world's first package of 17,000 doses of corona vaccine for animals. The government says it has sent them to different parts of Russia and that vaccination will begin soon.

The Russian Veterinary Commission also said that Germany, Poland, Austria, Greece, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Iran, Argentina, Tajikistan, South Korea, and Lebanon were interested in purchasing the Carnivac-Cove vaccine.

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