How to Grow Hair Faster in a Month - 7 Hair Growth Tips


Hair Growth Tips, Do you want your hair to grow longer or thicker? These 7 things must be followed

All women and girls want their hair to be long and thick, while not feeling dry or overly oily, and shiny like silk. Is desire enough? Shouldn't you make an effort?

Hair loss problems can be caused due to many reasons like outdoor pollution, products with high chemicals used on the hair, dandruff, and certain medical conditions. A healthy diet and hair care are essential to correct these underlying problems.

How to Grow Hair Faster in a Month - 7 Hair Growth Tips

Foot and Head Massage

Foot and Head Massage

Hair fall and other hair-related problems occur when the blood flow is not proper in the roots of the head. Adequate nutrition should also be given to the roots to increase blood flow to the hair.

It is good to massage the feet thoroughly to increase blood flow. Lightly warm coconut oil or olive oil, touch the warm fingertips, and rub in a circular motion to penetrate the roots well and massage well.

Massage well into the ankles three or four days a week.
This will increase the blood flow. It also stimulates hair growth.

Excessive Showering

Excessive showering

It is necessary to shampoo the hair once or twice a week to remove dirt, pollution, and dandruff from the head and keep the hair clean. 

But if you wash your hair with shampoo every day, the natural oils in the hair will be removed and the hair will become dry and rough.

Use a very mild, herbal shampoo if you have to wash your hair every day because of work outside.

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Our hair is made of protein. So more protein is necessary for hair growth. However, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber are also essential.

It is better to keep your diet balanced. Try to include plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and greens in your daily diet.

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Trim The Hair

Trim The Hair

No matter how much you protect your hair, split ends and split ends can occur. There will also be dryness in the ends of the hair. This also inhibits hair growth.

Trim the hair at regular intervals like every two months to fix this.

Being Hydrated

Being hydrated

Just as drinking enough water is good for your health, drinking a lot of water is also good for your skin and hair. So drink a lot of water.

Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated and keeps the hair fresh and nourished.

Deep Conditioning is Essential

Deep Conditioning is Essential

After some time after showering the head will return to its natural shape. But if you want your hair to be healthy and shiny all the time, proper hair conditioning is essential.

Choosing a conditioner that suits your hair type and the problem will increase hair moisture and help reduce dullness.

And even if you want your hair to stay fresh long after you shower, it's important to use a scalp conditioner to stimulate hair growth.

If you follow these things properly, you will get good nutrition for your hair, and hair growth will be stimulated.



Along with drinking enough water and eating foods with the right nutrients, it is very important to take the right amount of supplements.

Biotin, B complex and multivitamins should be taken as supplements, especially for the micronutrients needed by the hair.

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