New Dinosaur Movie 65 Review - 65 Dinosaur movie trailer


New Dinosaur Movie 65 is the story of Mills, a human from the planet Somaris, whose civilization is far more advanced than Earth's 65 billion years ago

The Jurassic Park and A Quiet Place mashup is a great idea. The thriller from Sony Pictures, 65, tries to do just that. With Adam Driver as the main character, this film is very promising from the premise and the trailer. 

He is a pilot of an interplanetary transport plane whose job is to take passengers to the planet they are going to. One day, his ship hits a meteor and crashes onto a planet in the middle of nowhere, which turns out to be Earth. 


At that time, there were no humans on Earth. The planet is still ruled by dinosaurs. Mills was the only survivor of the disaster before he found a child, Koa, his passenger who also survived. Together, they have to walk about 15 km to find a rescue capsule that will take them off the planet.

65 Dinosaur movie trailer

This premise is actually quite interesting if executed properly. Adventures in a foreign land inhabited by giant carnivorous monsters with two people who don't know each other and speak different languages ​​can certainly be very tense. But, that's not what happened in 65.

The father and son bonding between Mills and Koa are pretty good. Adam is really capable of playing a father figure who must protect his child from any danger. Mills and Koa's relationship looks sweet in the film. But, nothing special. 

The difference in language between the two adds nothing to the story. This film seems not interested in building its world. Instead, this film is more focused on building tension and fear in the audience through light, sound, and cinematography. 


This is also what makes the narrative nothing special. Normal, and even tend to be flat. If it weren't for Adam Driver's performance, this film would have been boring.

The essence of this film is to get Mills and Koa from the point of their crash to the rescue capsule on the hill. During their journey, they encounter various obstacles from living mud, to strange insects, to raptors, to other types of dinosaurs, to T-Rex. With sophisticated tools and his determination to bring Koa home, Mills is trying his best to dispel all of these obstacles.

It was during that trip that the bonding between Mills and Koa took place. But, it's not that deep. This film is too focused on horror elements so it doesn't expand on anything else. The audience will be made to continue to prepare to receive terror after terror which is actually not too intensive either. This film also sells jump scare elements.


Even so, there are many scenes in this film that feel disconnected and unnecessary. When they were attacked by a group of carnivorous creatures, the creatures just didn't seem to connect with them. Their distance that should be close actually looks far away. So, there is no tension here. Moreover, one would quickly confirm that the danger could be removed.


Film 65 has the potential to be an interesting spectacle that mixes the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and the silent tension of A Quiet Place. However, this film failed to execute because of the poor narrative and too much focus on the horror elements. If the level is slightly raised, then this film will be a more exciting spectacle.

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